SEO freelancer UK

You might be wondering why you need a SEO for your website and why it would be worth hiring a freelancer and not a company. Consider the following reasons.

Why UK websites need SEO:


While it is true that Pay per click is a really good platform for any business to get targeted leads and clients, it is expensive. Bids start from £.50 and may go up to several pounds per click. What does it mean for you? It means you will need to pay a bunch of money for this traffic and when you stop your website will almost non-existent.

  • Optimised sites have better user experience and load faster

SEO is not just a way to get traffic, but also it helps improve the user’s experience and customer satisfaction. For instance, a site which has passed a google speed test not only ranks higher on Google but loads faster for end users.

  • SEO is a long lasting investment

Once done right, SEO for a UK site may be holding top10 positions on search engine months and even years after you stop with your SEO optimisation. This happens because once the site becomes well known, it achieves credibility from search engines. These factors may help a site reach top rankings. For instance, if the site provides a good service, users may start sharing a link to the site via social media and community sites.

Why hiring a freelancer in UK may be a good idea

The benefits of hiring a freelancer

  • Flexible price

Companies may not be too flexible regarding pricing for their SEO services because they have to rent an office and pay salaries to the staff. Also, they usually spend more on advertising. A freelancer may work alone from home or a shared office and may hire assistance only when necessary. Also, some UK SEO freelancers don’t even live in UK and that makes their regular bills even lower because of the lower taxation and a cost of living in other countries.

  • Paying more attention to the client

Clients receive more attention from freelancers since freelancers don’t usually take on as many clients. A client may write an email or make an urgent call to a freelancer and they will always get a qualified answer. When you write to a company you never know who is going to respond. You also don’t know when they’ll respond, because they have dozens of other clients and SEO company managers are always busy with regular tasks.

  • No complicated contractual obligations

Small UK businesses usually don’t like contracts that require them to order at least 3 month of SEO. Unlike companies, freelancers are more flexible regarding obligations, and you can even order a one-time SEO service for your website.

You can order an SEO freelancer service here starting from £295/month, and I promise you will get more for your money compared to the average UK SEO company package.


My SEO package includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Up to 5 pages manually optimised per month, including Title and Meta description tags, H tags, Alt IMG tags and more
  • Installing an XML sitemap
  • Setting up Google analytics and search console, including goals
  • Fixing all 404 and other errors found
  • Improving the Google speed up score
  • Installing SSL (a certificate is purchased by the client)
  • Providing 2 high quality articles for your pages, news or blog per month. Each article is written by a professional native English writer
  • Providing up to 15 backlinks including UK business DIRECTORIES, guest blogs and .edu website citations
  • Tracking website positions on Google for up to 25 keywords on a daily basis
  • Monthly report about works done and results

If you are a small business owner, you won’t find a better deal in the UK.


If you run a bigger business and want a more detailed solution, please contact me now.