SEO Audits made by a UK freelancer

Creating an SEO Audit is one of the most challenging parts of my work. Usually sites need auditing when:

  • They have lost rankings and/or traffic
  • Any SEO provided before didn’t add value to the business
  • A site is brand new and its owner needs some guidance from an expert about the best possible SEO approach

A typical SEO Audit includes the following:

  • 404 not found errors and other errors check (a list of not-found URLs will be provided)
  • Checking Titles and Meta description tags (length, keyword density)
  • Defining main keywords and the most relevant pages for these keywords
  • Providing the SEO optimisation score for main pages and keywords
  • Providing a checklist for the optimisation, so any person will be able to optimise any page using this checklist
  • Recommendations for the sitemap improvements (improving the structure and fields in the XML map)
  • URLs recommendations (making “clean” and short URLs, adding keywords to URLs)
  • Robots.txt improvement (disabling unnecessary/duplicate pages)
  • Content verification on main pages (to avoid a duplicate content issue), providing content improvement recommendations: one URL for each piece of content, checking sub-domains, SSL versions of the site, print pages
  • Google-bot emulation check (anti-cloaking check)
  • Checking the number of links on the page
  • Link structure verification, general recommendations about navigation improvements
  • Creating a list of 301 redirects for broken URLs
  • Checking that Google analytics is set up and running
  • Recommendations on fixing all errors from Google Search Console
  • Recommendations for improvements on the Contact us page
  • Speed-up recommendations
  • Mobile-Friendly test and recommendations (providing a Google Mobile test and check if a site appears for brand and main keywords using iPhone).

A site is audited using a number of tools including:

  • Moz
  • Screaming frog
  • Ahrefs
  • SemRush
  • Xenu
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics

After all these tasks are completed, a client gets a detailed document which describes all the issues found during the SEO Audit and instructions on fixing them. Because an Audit it is always a “hand-made” job and is quite time consuming, the price on this job is £200 (one-off).


Note: If you order an SEO audit and decide to work with me on SEO/PPC for your site after that, you will get 50% OFF for the first month of services.