PPC Freelancer UK

Hiring a PPC freelancer – is it a good idea?
Many business owners think they can handle any Pay Per Click work in-house, but it may end up costing the business more for clicks and additional frustration. To avoid this issue, it’s essential to hire a professional. A PPC UK freelancer may be the right choice in this situation, because fees are affordable. A PPC UK freelancer can also offer proper optimisation of the PPC channel.

Why UK businesses need PPC

  • Guaranteed instant traffic

You will start getting PPC traffic from day one and it may help in reaching your business goals.

  • Advanced demographics

Targeting tools will allow a business owner to reach the right audience based on geo-location, browser, and other important metrics.

  • A retargeting option is a good way to get some additional traffic for a moderate cost.
  • Flexibility of PPC will allow for different experiments with keywords, bids, and ads
  • It is not possible to quickly get a lot of traffic using SEO, so PPC may be the right choice for growing businesses.

PPC is usually expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why only professionals should be working on PPC optimisation.

Why hiring a PPC freelancer in UK may be a good idea

The benefits of hiring a freelancer

  • Professional services at first place.

As a Google Certified freelancer, I can offer top quality PPC optimisation, which will save you a lot of money and help you to reach your business goals.

  • Useful advice

A good freelancer is always happy to advise his clients beyond pay per click and provide recommendations that work such as setting up the proper tracking systems, verifying goals, and improving a website’s usability.

  • Flexible price

Large agencies require large PPC budgets that start from £1000 and their rates are rarely less than £200/month. A PPC freelancer may charge a more moderate fee and your ad budget will be as low as possible.

  • Attention to detail

A Pay Per Click freelancer will be solely concentra¬ted on your project because he is usually not overloaded with clients. Every detail is important in Pay Per Click, from setting up bids to landing page optimisation.

  • No complicated contractual obligations

Freelancers are more than happy to work without signing off on any contract and they don’t usually require any minimal PPC ad spend budgets or timeframes.

Ed Shutenko (aka Ed13) is a certified Google AdWords PPC freelancer, so ordering the PPC service at this website is a good choice.

The PPC package is a flat rate and includes:

  • Defining keywords that match a business (keyword research)
  • Proposing the budget, target audience, and preferred language / location for the campaign
  • Creating ads, Adgroups and optimising them
  • Keyword bidding
  • Managing and optimising landing pages to get the best quality score possible
  • Setting up conversions and training
  • Analysing results and improving a campaign over time
  • Monthly report about works done and results

Everything described above is available monthly and for as little as £95 month or 5% of the monthly ad spend (whichever is larger).



The price above is for search / display campaigns only. If you need a more complex solution including mobile / video / shopping advertising on Google AdWords, please contact me now.